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The products are made following the traditional techniques precise and processed by highly qualified staff, under the direct control of the founder.

Our cheeses are considered among the best of the local production.


All products are guaranteed for their purity and verified during the production cycle and the maturing stage.

All stages of production take place according to a precise ritual and tested.

Every morning, like a great show, starting from the preparation of the milk, the platforms with their molds repeats this magical alchemy.

The products are seasoned in special climate-controlled cells.

You can buy the products in our shop and in other stores that are affiliated.

If there are no affiliated stores in your area, contact us now.

We are open:

  • Monday:       9,00 - 13,00    16.00 - 19.00
  • Tuesday:      9,00 - 13,00    16.00 - 19.00
  • Wednesday: 9,00 - 13,00    16.00 - 19.00
  • Thursday:     9,00 - 13,00
  • Friday:          9,00 - 13,00    16.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday:     900 - 13,00

Are available:

  • "caciotta di mucca" / cheese from cow's milk.
  • "pecorino" / cheese from sheep's milk.
  • "formaggio misto" / cheese from sheep and cow's milk
  • "formaggelle aromatizzate al tartufo / cheese flavored with truffles.
  • "formaggelle" aromatizzate al peperoncino / cheese flavored with chili.
  • "formaggelle" aromatizzate alle noci /cheese flavored with nuts.
  • "formaggelle" aromatizzate al pepe nero / cheese flavored with black pepper.
  • "mozzarella fior di latte e paste filate" / mozzarella cheese
  • "treccia"
  • "scamorza"
  • "stracchino"

and more...

All products made with the best milk and 100% guaranteed.